[Novalug] question on tcpreplay

M. Dodge Mumford dodge@dmumford.com
Mon Aug 1 05:54:31 EDT 2011

Andy Tornquist said:
> We move the pcap file to another network and use tcpreplay to play the
> traffic locally on another server on network a.b.c.e. The traffic is seen in
> a tcpdump. We have written a ruby script that listens on the network socket
> and prints out a message when ever a packet received. The script will not
> display the messages when a file from another network is played.

tcpreplay isn't intended to do that. It's more for testing IDS, IPS,
firewalls, routers, switches, hubs, that kind of thing.

> We have reconfigured the network interface to be on the same network as the
> pcap file but no success.
> Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Expect and netcat?


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